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Elizabeth- Founder/ Lead Cooordinator & Planner 


Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I'm the founder and Lead Planner of Here's To Them Events. My love for planning and coordinating events started when my older sister got engaged. It was so much fun planning her wedding and seeing her vision come to life. I've been planning and coordinating events now for 2 years! My favorite part about a wedding day is hearing the personal vow exchange during the ceremony. And speeches during the wedding reception. 

Some fun facts about me: 

-I have a twin sister

-I majored in Creative Writing at The Master's University

-Iced chai lattes are my go to drink 

-Some of my favorite coffee shops are Everyday Eatery, Frame Coffee, and Hopper and Burr

-I speak Spanish 

-My friends and family call me Liz or Lizzie. So feel free to call me that if you please. 

-I am always craving an acai bowl or an iced chai latte. 

-I love catching up with friends. These days it looks more like FaceTime calls. But I'm thankful for that! 

-My favorite quote is, "and if not, He is still good." I've learned that even if we don't get those dreams or desires that our hearts are wanting, that the Lord gives us and does is way better than what we could ask for. After all, His ways are always good and He always knows best. 

Emily Craw Photography

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